Tight Labor Market Continues, Especially for Landscape Industry

For those in the labor-intensive landscape industry, it comes as no surprise that the labor market is extremely tight right now. But did you know it’s projected to get harder?

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts “increasing demand for lawn care and landscaping services from large institutions and individual homeowners.” The BLS estimates that between 2016-2026 there will be 11% growth in the employment number for the grounds maintenance sector; the anticipated national average across all occupations combined is only 7%. Add that aggressive growth to an aging workforce and it's apparent that your labor force will continue to be an area of significant effort and spend.

How can Redbird help? We want to be your partner in increasing your efficiency and productivity. Here are some ways that renting equipment can help you focus on getting the most out of your time and money:

As you try to keep up with work demand, keep an eye on your ROI. For a piece of equipment that gets used every day, the investment will most likely make sense. For a piece of equipment that sits frequently, however, it is likely your money can provide better returns in areas that produce more billable time (i.e. hiring more workers) or cut costs (i.e. providing training that increases productivity and reduces accidents).

According to the DAUM Commercial Market Watch report for Q4 2017, industrial space vacancy for Los Angeles and Orange counties is at or near all-time lows. Year over year, average rent has increased between 5.8%-10.5%, depending on area. The time, effort and cost associated with securing a new yard location are significant. As you grow, the space in your yard will be precious as you add parking for work trucks and employee vehicles, while leaving enough space for morning dispatch and afternoon return. Utilize space for equipment that is used every day and opt for a rental with the equipment that frequently sits idle.

Chipper Trucks
Putting off chipper truck repairs until a breakdown occurs can be costly. A crew stranded on the side of the road is expensive and unbillable. By renting one of our chipper trucks while your truck goes in for preventative maintenance, you can ensure your tree care operation runs smoothly day in and day out.

Dingo/Mini Skid Steer
For tree care applications, the Dingo can increase productivity by quickly moving multiple trunks or branches to the truck or chipper. Utilizing the forked bucket, the Dingo can remove smaller stumps in under a minute. On the landscape side, the small size and variety of attachments accompanying the Dingo make it a flexible labor-saver for digging holes, trenches, and moving material.

Dump Trailer
Why use expensive labor to manually off-load a trailer? Use our dump trailer to quickly unload part or all of the entire bed’s contents of mulch, dirt, gravel, clippings or other material.

These are just a few ways that we can help with your equipment needs. To see our full line of rental equipment, visit us at www.redbirdrentals.com. We can also be reached at (833) REDBIRD (833-733-2473) or sales@redbirdrentals.com for questions or a friendly chat!